Banana-Berry Smoothie

  All it takes is four ingredients and a quick mix in the blender to make this scrumptious snack that packs a flavorful fruity punch!

Frosty Fruit Smoothie

  Loaded with orange juice and bananas, this fruity smoothie beverage is especially rich in vitamin C and potassium, great for an immune system boost or hangover recovery.  

All-American Fruit Smoothie

In celebration of July 4th, America’s Independence Day, here is an all-American fruit smoothie that you can make for the whole party to enjoy! Packed with banana and strawberries, this treat-in-a-glass hits the spot for breakfast or as a between-meals snack.  

Red and Blue Smoothie

  Vary the color of these sippers by the type of berries you use. Raspberries will give you a rosy pink, while blueberries, blackberries, or mixed berries will produce a blue shade.  

Vegan Smoothie Recipe

If you’re short on time in the morning, there’s nothing quite as fast or as tasty as a fruit smoothie. But smoothies do seem to have one drawback: Are they ever as filling as a proper breakfast? The answer is yes — they can be! It’s all a matter of adding the right ingredients for […]