Citrus Compote with Yogurt or Oatmeal

  A variety of citrus flavors makes a prettier, more complex dish, but if all you have are oranges the compote will still be good. If slicing citrus is too much hassle on a weekday morning, you can make it the night before or even a couple days in advance, and the compote is even […]

Steel-Cut Oats & Fruit Breakfast Cereal

  Homemade steel-cut oats taste nuttier and are healthier than prepackaged oatmeal. For even more flavor, top with dried fruit or nuts for the perfect breakfast.  

Hot Blueberry Flax Multigrain

  By adding a couple of extra ingredients to the standard 10 grain hot cereal, you can make a nutritious, filling and healthy meal. High Fiber, Lactose Free, Low Sugar, Vegan.